Posting Partner Survey Form


Tech Contact


Does your site have the ability to:

Will your site provide FREE postings for our joint member if they are:

Does your site have a screen(s) for members to:


PostOnce will send you a copy of a sample transmission, along with a heads that explains the fields. The header is optional, but it will be sent with the transmissions unless you indicate otherwise. You will notice that there is a control number included with each posting. The member is either unique and generated by PostOnce or is the one sent to us by the Member.

As soon as possible, please forward the FTP/IP Address, login and password for PostOnce to use when sending you the data. After we have verified that the transfer of data is being handled accuratelt, we can consider changing the method of data transfer.

Once integration is completed, we will ask that a full service test account for Garlepied Services will be created. Once a week the Garlepied account is used to test the accuracy of PostOnce postings allowing to your site.

There will be a one time set up fee based on the programming required to set up your site.